Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Girly Phones

  • Found this on Feministing. Samsung seems to think that women will be more interested in stupid features and how the phone looks that in cell plans. The features?

    A shopping list
  • A favorite fragrance list
  • Biorhythm calculator
  • Conception Calendar

On the Samsung site, they have a quiz to decide what kind of cell phone you should buy. I guess I'm not girly enough.

This is just another example of the patriarchy telling women what they should be. Why do I say that?

Women, should be interested in shopping (see, not practical, doesn't want business tools. So interested in shopping, she needs a man to provide for her.) A favorite fragrance list (do I even have to comment on how stupid this is?) Bio rhythm? (Women are so emotional and have such mood swings. Also, women are stupid enough to believe anything. And naive enough to be happy if says to be happy). Conception Calendar (We all know women are here to produce heirs for the patriarchy).

Even scarier...When I was looking at Samsung's site, my daughter said, "Oh that's so cute, are you going to get it for me?"

Then, the neighbors heard me scream like a banshee.


Ryan said...

What no Grocery List or How toDress like June Cleaver feature?

Claire said...

and it's pink, of course.