Friday, February 12, 2010

Morons with Signs

I haven't blogged about the Tea Bag party, mostly because it is too easy to mock them. The name alone makes me giggle. Tea Baggers. Particularly since they seem to be conservative Republican who, I believe, would find tea bagging abhorrent. Yeah, I know you've heard all the jokes before, which is why I've avoided them.

But now I understand how these people could have taken such a ridiculous name. From Morons with Signs I found this woman. I guess she doesn't like her medicare. Maybe she thinks that if they cut off medicare, there will be fewer people at the Senior Center on bingo night.

No "Pubic" Option? Oh, I have to object to that one. I like the pubic option.

Here is another one who doesn't like the pubic option. I think the pubic option leads to children.

But would someone please explain to the Granny in the picture below what tea bagging means, and that most Christians would consider the act described on her sign to be blasphemous. Besides that, it looks like she is soliciting. I know that it is hard to talk to your grandmother about sex, but we've got to stop these women from walking the streets like this!