Friday, April 27, 2007

You Know You are Getting Old When.....

No this isn't one of those list-jokes.

Well, yesterday I sat down to lunch and plopped my purse on the table. A co-worker looked into my purse and said, "Hey, is that hand cream?" and reached for something deep inside my shoulder bag. What she had spotted was, in fact, my reading glasses' case.

But still, I looked with fear at what else she might pull out.

Back in my twenties, I would have worried that the item she pulled out would be some sort of birth control.

But, I'm in my 40's. It wasn't condoms I was worried about this time. I was worried it would be my hemorrhoid cream.

I'm officially old.


SuperWife said...

Gads! I'm right there with you!!

I long for the days when I was carrying around a pacifier, instead of all the old woman accessories I have now.

I'll share an old woman moment in the hopes it'll make you feel all youthful. About three years ago, I took my youngest with me to do the weekly grocery shopping. It was 7:00AM (she'd woken early and I opted to take advantage of the situation) and I didn't go to much trouble to look good. The regular deli clerk (an oriental woman in her 60's) took one look at my (then) adorable 4 year old, and asked me if she was my granddaughter. OUCH!

Embrace your (as my new hubby calls it) advanced youth! Us wise old broads are taking over the place!!

Maria said...

Hemmroid medicine? Deny the real use and tell them that you have been bar-hopping into the early hours of the morning and you have found the magical potient for that hang-over look around the eyes. Trust me, it works every time!

I am back from NYC and ready for some serious blog reading. Enjoyed yours very much.

Changes in the Wind said...

Too funny!

Maria said...

One morning when I was still teaching, I reached for what I thought was toothpaste, smoothed it all over my brush, and began brushing when I realized it was hemmoroid cream.

Come to think of it, I think the incident was one of the many that made my decision to retire easier.

LouthMouth said...

Hey Julie--

Not sure if you still check this. Are you Julie W from HHSH? It's Muck!

sexy said...
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gringo said...

Apparently, you decided to not write here anymore, or perhaps you're just taking a leave. Anyway, I hope you get the email from my comment.

This is actually a comment about something you posted over at an Lit. Agency weblog, concerning agents that now will not respond to querys unless they are interested. We're the same age. Remember the good old days of S.A.S.E.'s?

Part of your comment was this:

"I hope you folks who hate the "no response means no" respond to every junk mail, spam, and junk email with a suggestion of why you aren't going to buy or use the product or service listed."

I feel the need to point out a couple of things. First of all, it was the publishing world that set the rules. Writers adapted. We spent lots of money on S.A.S.E.'s only to get a cover letter saying, "Thanks, but you're just not what we're looking for at the moment." We learned to live with it, not take it personally. We took the publisher's (or agent's) word for it, that they read the query and aren't interested.

When the internet began, 99% of agents refused to allow emails. Again, they make the rules. Not only did I eventually stop wondering why they didn't want things more convenient, I rather began to appreciate the process, and the fact that our hopefully pending business relationship had some accountability.

Now that many (maybe most at this point) are accepting email querys, it doesn't give the agent the freedom to dump their part of the accountability. I still have to submit using their guidelines.

I'll only submit to agents that answer all querys, even if it's a cover letter.