Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's a Small World (after all)

I had a first happen to me today. I met a blogger whose blog I have on my blogroll.

I was at the monthly meeting of my writers group. The speaker was an agent, and her topic was promotion. Not a pressing issue for me, as I can't get any interest in my books, and I'm concentrating of short fiction.

However, an agent is someone who I should listen to, regardless of the topic. And there were quite a few tidbits of info about querying and finding an agent. When she mentioned her agency's name, I recognized it from the blog.

This gave me something to talk with her about after the lecture, which is great, because I suck at small talk. However, with a point of reference, I can talk to anyone. Without that, I tend to sound like a sychophant. I didn't get to speak with her in detail, as many of our members wanted her attention. Just a hello, what is the name of your blog? Agent Obsucra? I read you! I just put you on my blog roll.

I might have remembered to thank her (but I may not have--my bad!).

But it was pretty damn cool to accidently meet someone whose blog I read.


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Tammy said...

That's pretty cool. I can say I don't think it's ever happened to me.