Monday, May 15, 2006

I hate TV, now more than ever

I'm going to have to stop reading Lee Goldberg's blog, even though it is one of the best writing blogs around.

Now he tells us that Surface and Invasion aren't coming back next season. I never really got into Invasion, but Surface was one of my favs. I think I liked Surface because I grew up at the seashore. As a child, I was certain that there were horrible creatures in the ocean. And those creatures wanted nothing more than to eat us.

Surface tapped those fears, along with my fears of a Tsunami (I know, New Jersey is not known for tsunami's, but I always used to look at that horizon and wonder.) After the season finale (which now looks like the series finale) I was looking forward to how they would resolve this sea monster thing.

It was bad enough that Threshold was cancelled with no resolution, but now Surface? I guess my viewing tastes are out in left field. I used to have a policy to never watch a new TV show, until I knew if it had been renewed for the next season. I think I'll have to reinstate that policy, because I can't trust the networks to continue the shows that I like.

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sam said...

This is why I tend more and more to wait until a series comes out on DVD, too. I don't have to worry about it being cancelled in mid-season on me if the whole season is already there on DVD. And I already know if there will be a "next season" because by the time the DVD is released, the new season has started (or not) and I can get emotionally involved accordingly.