Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Oh yeah, she'll be annoyed

But what is a mother's job, if not to embarrass her child?

This year's skating pics:

Yeah, she will be seriously pissed at this.


Tammy said...

Beautiful, beautiful girl, Julia!!

And, how in the world can she have anything there to be upset about? You are a proud mom. You have every right to brag a little. And none of those pics are embarrassing. If it makes her feel better, you can tell her about how I have pics of my girls (as toddlers) in the bathtub up on my walls. (For the record, they okayed it before I did it. But I'm glad they did. I love it!!)

Voix said...

Those are lovely photos. I'd say she should be flattered -- but if she's a teenager, there's no telling for sure which emotion is next around the corner.

Julia said...

Thank you both. I am oh so proud of her.

Jenna Glatzer said...

Wow, she's gorgeous!

Swear I'm not kidding: My dad did a SLIDE SHOW on a giant screen at my Sweet 16, and it involved many pictures of me in a bathtub with my siblings, me hanging upside-down on a swing so my underwear was showing, etc. I was literally under a table by the end of this slide show.