Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter is the time for eggs, and eggs is the time for Easter

Easter, in our house at least, was a pleasant holiday. We went to my sister's house (which is also where my mother lives) in Ocean City, NJ. We got there Friday morning, and could not have planned for better weather. We walked the boardwalk and the beach, the kids went in the ocean (see my blog post about the kids and swimming out of season).

No hunting eggs, no dying eggs, the kids are too grown for that.

As sad as that seems, it was a relief for the adults. Even though I miss the holiday traditions with my daughter, we are forging new ones (swimming on Easter) and we keep some of the old ones (blowing up peeps in the microwave).

In the evening, we sat on the front porch and watched the sun set into the bay.

This was one of the best holidays I've had since becoming an adult.


Tammy said...

That sounds really nice. (Except the part about blowing up peeps in the microwave! That's just WRONG!!!)

Glad you had a nice holiday!!

Julia said...

My dad started the Peeps-in-the-microwave tradition. He used to roast them over the fireplace.

I believe we've been doing the microwave thing since we had a microwave.