Friday, January 13, 2006

What a Military Mother Fears

Dariana has a heart wrenching post at Bring it On.

Well it seems I have had another heart-stopping scare this morning. This is two in one week. So thank you very much Mr. Bush (NOT). See, if you would end this insanity in Iraq, my son and all the other fine Military we have over there could come home where they belong. Iraq is not their fight, thats YOUR battle.

Two Army pilots were killed this morning. There was also a car bomb explosion in Baqubah which is where MY son is Mr. Bush. Do you think family members enjoy this type of panic everytime we see a news clip or an internet feed???? NO WE DO NOT. Thankfully, for the SECOND time in less than a week, my son is safe!

Read the entire post, if you can. The raw emotion is intense.

Where are my tissues?

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