Sunday, January 29, 2006

Shoes! Glorious Shoes!

This is an open question to anyone who happens to read this:

Are you a woman, or do you know a woman, who becomes absolutely orgasmatic over shoes and shoe shopping?

The media tells us:
  • Women love shoes
  • Women love to shop for shoes
  • Women want to have a closet full of shoes
  • Women buy more shoes than they could possibly use
  • Women like spiked heels and open toe shoes

I see this in commercials, TV shows, books, magazines, and movies. My question is, who are these women? Because I've never met one of them.

In 40 some years on this earth, you'd think I would have met one woman who had this shoe addiction. I've met 2 women who came close, but I don't think either one qualifies.

The first one has one foot 1/4 size smaller than the other. She has trouble buying shoes that fit and are comfortable. She has many shoes she doesn't wear because they didn't work out. She buys a lot of shoes because she has to, not because she wants to.

The other woman is a compulsive shopper. When she is off her meds, she has been known to buy 20 pairs of shoes at one time. Of course, she is just as likely to buy 200 boxes of cake mix. It doesn't matter what she is buying, as long as she is buying.

So who are these "shoe-women"?

If it were just commercials that were promoting women as shoe-whores, it wouldn't bother me. If you were trying to sell women's shoes, it might be a good marketing ploy to show shoe shopping as a fun and exciting adventure. But it's not just commercials.

And it's not just that women are portrayed as shoe-whores. It is the shoes they are buying. I don't understand why anyone would want a pair of these:

Just looking at these makes my feet hurt!

I can hear the comments: But they are so sexy!

Really? Why are these considered sexy?

Could it be that it makes women seem helpless?

You can't run in them. You can't stand for any length of time. You can't take a long walk in them. They offer no protection from the elements. And you'd better have a recent pedicure! Because we don't want any of those ugly calluses showing!

Is this any different than Chinese foot binding? Except for the temporary nature, I don't see the difference.

Is it that some men are so frightened by a powerful woman, that she needs to don this restrictive footwear to seem attractive? The patriarchy is a scary thing.


Tammy said...

Geez, I'm virtually surrounded by 'em. Me? I couldn't care less. When I find a pair I like, I wear them everywhere. Everywhere that I can't go barefoot, that is.

I work with a woman (who is also a good friend) who has a little problem with shoes. Every new outfit she buys MUST have a new pair of shoes or boots to accompany it. She bought a new house and is making plans for a special "shoe closet" to house her extensive collection. It don't get it. I laugh at her often. But it's her.

My younger sister used to like to buy a lot of shoes. And my middle daughter used to like (still does but can't really afford the addiction) shoes to the point where, as an infant, she'd snuggle one when napping. True story. Freakish, I know.

rn_buffoon said...

Not me. I only have three pairs. My reeboks which I wear everywhere, my half-decent sandals and my riding boots; which have seen no action in about twelve months-so I'm considering giving them away.

Actually I should keep them in case my reeboks wear out; they might look okay with jeans.

Cinthia said...

It is high-heeled shoes like these that have killed my feet over the years. Now I can only wear sneakers, and even then walking in them for longs periods of time still hurts. Ouch!

My mom's a shoe addict. Honestly, I don't get it either. I'm perfectly happy with my one pair of old Reeboks.

Biting Beaver said...

I never have seen the draw in shoes. And I agree entirely with you, those shoes, and any like them, are a damned nightmare to wear.

My X had a shoe fettish, coupled with his foot fettish I've had more than my share of uncomfortable shoes through the years. Strange, once I got rid of him I've gone back to my tennis shoes *grin*

Claire said...

I don't know any of these women either. I know a couple who have a lot of shoes, but none like those pictured that I can think of.

I hated buying shoes when I was younger because most places stopped carrying half-sizes at 9 (and I wear a 9.5). It's a little better now, but in those days, the only things available in my size were high heels- which always seemed strange because I'm already tall.

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