Thursday, December 22, 2005

Go in and out the windows

I had Christmas early. My family came to visit on the 16th and we exchanged gifts. My mom, sister, brother-in-law and nephew spent the weekend and we exchanged gifts.

They don't visit much, we go to their house. Of course, they live in Ocean City, NJ 2 blocks from he beach, so their house is much more appealing than my little townhouse in Bath, PA.

Yesterday I finished my shopping. For me this is early, I used to shop on Christmas Eve. It was easy, each store had very few items available, so it was easy to pick presents. I gave some odd presents, but I've always believed that I give presents that I WANT to give to people, not necessarily what they want. They ought to be glad I got them anything!

All day yesterday and today I've had this song going through my head:

Go in and out the windows,
Go in and out the windows,
Go in and out the windows,
Just like we did before.

There other verses, Go up and down the doorsteps, Kneel down and say you love her, and Now follow me to London.

This was a circle game (do kids still do those?) that we played in Kindergarten. I googled this, to see if there was a story behind it, but to no avail.

Anyone remember this? Anyone know if there is a back story?

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