Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Polar Bear Plunge 3

This is the third year that Darling Daughter has done the polar bear plunge. Personally, I think it is insane, however cool.

The air temperature was 59 and the water was 48. A rain squall hit about 20 minutes before the plunge was scheduled, so it felt much colder. Observers and participants were both soaked.

My daughter, of course, was the last one out.

Here are the pics. The quality is poor because of the rain.

Preparing to go in. My daughter is the one on the right, the other is her sister (who doesn't live with us).

In the cold!

After, there were interviewed by the local paper.

All the craziness aside, I do think it's fairly cool for her to do the polar bear plunge every year. I'm quite proud of her.



SuperWife said...

I know some folks that do it here and I think I'm with you, Julia. It's kinda cool, but mostly crazy!

I always admire the ones that do it, but have no ambition to join in.

Congrats to your daughter for her determination and stamina! Congrats to you for supporting her as she becomes an involved woman!

Anonymous said...

Just thinking about getting into water that cold makes my teeth ache.