Thursday, December 07, 2006

And, Somehow, A Good Day

Depression is a funny thing. (see post below) My daughter told me not worry, because depression is all in my head (she was being serious). Then she said that maybe something good will happen today.

And, of course, she was correct.

I'm published.

Not how I expected, but published is published. My first submission as a free lance writer was published today in one of the local newspapers. Hopefully, this is the first of many pieces they pick up. It's not my novel nor one of my short stories, and journalism is not the same as fiction, but I'm reporting on kids' sports, and my novel is about kids' sports.

But still, it means that someone, other than my mother, likes my writing. And that is a good thing.


SuperFiancee said...

Congrats, Julia!!

Babysteps, Kiddo! I know SO many people who are so talented in this regard (including my very significant other) and it's just a really tough business to break into.

Best of luck to you!

sam said...

Congratulations! Do not minimize your success (other people will be all too happy to do that for you). Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!