Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I'd always felt that sunflowers had been overdone in the past few years. I mean, after Van Gogh, why bother?

But Mother Nature is the true artist, and here are a few of my sunflowers from my garden.


Rachel Ann said...

I didn't use to like Sunflowers, till I saw the colors and how lovely they were grouped.

I wish when my children were young I had had the skills to make a little sunflower houes for my kids, a place to hide and dream.

Julia said...

The best things about sunflowers is that when they go to seed, all of the finches come to eat them.

They are very shy birds, but beautifully marked yellow and red.

They roost on my large sunflowers and take the seeds. Yesterday I counted 7 golden and 2 red ones.