Wednesday, March 15, 2006


The Sopranos are back. I really missed them, but I was nervous about the new season. Too many times, when television shows are continued after they should have shut down production. Sometimes for years after the show stopped being interesting. But they continue to produce episodes and people continue to watch. I think it's because the show becomes like an old friend and is comfortable. Viewers are no longer critical, just happy to see their friends.

I hate that. It is an insult to what the show once was.

Fortunately, the Sopranos did not disapoint. Below are spoilers, so if anyone TiVo'd it and did not watch it yet, don't read the rest of my comments.

I was surprised. The show started out slowly, doing the "catch-up" thing. I hate that. Doesn't everyone have HBO on demand? I guess not. But I was able to watch the entire last season the week before the new season started, so I'd remember everything. It started out slowly, and I know some people have complained, but it was just a set up, to lull you before the big finish.

I never expected for Junior to shoot Tony. I should have been expected, because senile dementia (which is most likely what Junior has at his age, not Alzheimers) patients revert to their youth. Obviously, Junior was reliving his past.

Some of my more imaginative friends have suggested that Tony will be dead or in a coma and the rest of the show will be his visions or dreams. I don't know about that, afterall, they were the same folks who insisted that Adreana could still be alive after last season because we didn't see a body. Yeah, like Silvio would disobey orders.

I loved the scene with Carmela and Big Pussy's widow (I can't remember her name, and I'm too lazy to look it up). I always saw Carmela as a tragically sympathetic character. However, her greed has just become too much. Yeah, she was sympathetic while attached to the Mafia teat. Last season we saw her cut off, and damn, did she lose points with me! Of course, that answered the question, "Why did she put up with Tony for so long?" Obviously, it was the money. I think I like her better as a money hungry whore than the long suffering martyr.

The look on her face when she saw the Vett that other woman was driving. Carmela must have realized that being a mob whore was not the only way to have material goods. Just loved that! I guess I never liked Carmela that much.

I wish they had gone into the gay Vito thing. Or what the hell happened to AJ's hair. But maybe next time!

I have more comments, but no more time.


Ben Varkentine said...

I don't watch the Sopranos-I tried an episode or two, but I'm one of the few it just didn't grab.

But I agree absolutely about the dismay I feel sometimes watching a once-great show "rest on its laurels." And the uncritical adulation some people seem to need to give as fans.

I like the idea that if you're a fan of something, you pay it the respect of seeing its flaws.

Julia said...

Not everyone likes the Sopranos. My sister and I had a lengthy discussion that came down to her being unable to enjoy a story that only contained bad people. Her biggest complaint were the women. She said there wasn't one decent woman character in the entire show.

I had to remind her that we both grew up in Jersey and knew wise-guys and their families. I asked her if she remembered what they were like. We both laughed.

Ben Varkentine said...

"Her biggest complaint were the women. She said there wasn't one decent woman character in the entire show."

I hear her-one of my more minor complaints about The L Word is that with maybe one exception, there aren't any decent straight male characters on that show. We all seem to be voyeuristic stereotypes and pissy ex-husbands who can't accept their ex-wives gloriously fluid sexuality.