Thursday, October 06, 2005

Time to Get Moving

It's official. I picked up the keys to the townhouse that I'll be renting.

Now comes the bad part--packing. There is something sad about putting all of your belongings into boxes. I still don't have a mover, way too much stuff to pack, and I only have 2 vacation days left.

But I'm excited. I'm excited that I won't have to deal with my idiot landlord.

I'm excited that my new place has nice carpets.

I'm excited that I can have a family room.

And I'm going to quit smoking. Those of you who know me are probably saying, "Yeah, right!" But I have to quit. It is the only way I can afford the rent increase.

I'm sure it will be better for my health and my daughter's health, not to mention the cat and dog. But I am going to miss smoking.

Some blogs of interest:

Here is a link to Pandagon, good article about the hype during hurricaine Katrina.

MoJo has a scary article about how Christians try to "help" gays change.

A Writer's Life, one of my favorite blogs, blogger Lee Goldberg has a new book that just came out.

And please send best wishes to Twisty, who just was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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